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Note: This is an experimental page.  I hope to find if there is a need for such a page and whether Instructors would use it.  I am often looking for outside Instructors to teach at my EMS agency yet there is not an easy way to find Instructors willing to travel or for someone to know what areas an Instructor is more proficient in teaching. What do you think? Is there a need? Would something like this be beneficial?  Any Instructors willing to sigh up and get their information out there?  It's free! 
Oregon EMS Instructor's Willing To Travel To Teach: (To be listed on this page, the Instructor is required to have attended an NAEMSE course of Instruction, be currently approved through DHS-EMS to teach  First Responder through EMT-P subjects, or hold a current DPSST/NFPA FF-I Instructor certificate.  Being listed does not guarantee a level of knowledge in the topic, only that the person currently holds the instructional certification.)   

     Name:   Joe Smith              

     Location: Coos Bay

     Contact Information:  541-XXX-XXXX, Jsmith@xx.com or www.joe-ems.com 

     Subjects of Education: BLS topics, trauma, respiratory emergencies


     Name:    Joey Smith           

     Location:  Hermiston       

     Contact Information:  541-XXX-XXXX or smithJ@yy.com

     Subjects of Education:  ILS topics, EKG recognition, ILS skills


     Name:    Jerry Smith           

     Location:  Portland       

     Contact Information:  503-XXX-XXXX  or  503-xxx-xxxx (cell) 

     Subjects of Education:  12-leads. pharmacology, pathophysiology, RSI 


Instructor - helpful Hints and Tricks:
     EKG interpretation:
     Clinical Judgment:
     Low Volume-High Stress Calls:
     MCI Incidents:
     Instructor Resources:   MTU Resources

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