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  National EMS Education Agenda

  National Scope of Practice

  National EMS Agenda For The Future 

  EMS Education Agenda For The Future: A Systems Approach  

  National Registration and the Continuing Competence of EMT-Paramedics

  NHTSA EMS (www.EMS.gov)

EMS NEWS Sites (Please let us know if any of these links do not go through.  We do our best to update these as often as possible. However, we are not responsible for their content nor can we guarantee that the link is current.)
NREMT- Mark King Initiative (More to be added) Community Paramediicine (More to be added)
NREMT - Proposed Re-certification System (From North Dakota EMS Association Website - DRAFT ONLY NAEMSO - Model Interstate Compact for EMS Personnel Licensure 
  EMS1 -   Do your own EMS news search
  Western Fire Chief's Association   American Red Cross
  Firehouse.com   EMSVillage
  EMS Network   Emergency.com
   RescueHouse.com . Firefighting.com
   EMS House of DeFrance
Oregon Links Oregon Fire Chiefs Association
Oregon Medical Board (Board of Medical Examiners)     EMS Section of Oregon Fire Chiefs
Oregon OHA-PHS EMS & Trauma Systems  Western Fire Chief's Association
Oregon Office of Rural Health Oregon Hospice Association
Oregon Department of Public Safety Mt. Hood Hospice
Oregon OSHA Mt. Hood Ski Patrol
Oregon Poison Control Multnomah County EMS
Oregon Vital Statistics Washington County EMS
Oregon Medical Disaster Team - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
East Cascade EMS Council NEW - Oregon Hospital Death Rates
Oregon Ambulance Services NEW - Oregon Hospital Charges & Services
Oregon Fire Departments NEW - Oregon Hospital Quality & Safety
Oregon Volunteer Firefighter's Association NEW - Oregon Hospital Medicare Comparisons
North West Association of Aeromedical Responders Oregon EMT Associates - CME Classes

General Links National Association of State EMS Directors
National Organizations National Association of Female Paramedics
 US Bureau of Labor:  What's an EMT?  Center for Disease Control and Prevention
EMS.GOV National Institute of Health

National Association of EMTs 

American College of  Emerg. Physicians

National Registry of EMTs 

Emergency Nurses Association

National Native American EMS

American Red Cross -

National EMS Memorial Service

American Trauma Society

National Association of EMS Educators

American Heart Association
National Council of State EMS Training Coordinators American Ambulance Association 
National Assoc. of State EMS Directors National Ski Patrol
National Flight Paramedics Association Diver Medical Technician
National Association of EMS Physicians Emergency Services Site List
National Flight Nurses Association Fire & EMS Information  Network
EMS for Children Emergency Network

National Guidelines for First Aid Training in Occupational Settings

PNA Healthcare Divison

Rural EMS Related 
Wilderness EMS Institute Rural Medics

Educational Links
History of EMS:  Oregon EMS Educator Resources
 HHS - The Basic EMT - History of EMS   Oregon EMS Instructor's Board

    The 1966 report the changed EMS: 
        Accidental Death and Disability: 
The Neglected Disease of Modern Society

  Oregon DHS EMS MTU's Unofficial Site

"The Paramedics"  History of EMS by James O. Page

  Instructor Aids - House of DeFrance
  Emergency Nursing World
  Less Stress Instructional Services

Oregon Colleges & Universities with EMS programs 

  Pulse Oximetry:  How it works

   Blue Mountain Community College

  Heart & Lung Sounds  

   Chemeketa Community College   Laryngeal Mask Airways 
   Clackamas Community College

  EMS and Fire Graphics  

   College of Emergency Services   British Trauma Society: Photos, Cases.
   Linn-Benton Community College   Corbis.Com: Presentation Photos/Templates
    Oregon Coast Community College    SAM Splints:  Use of a SAM splint
   Oregon Health Sciences University    American College of Prehospital Medicine

   Portland Community College:HealthProfessions 

  Basic Trauma Life Support International

   Portland Community College: EMT

  Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support
   Rogue Community College   Critical Care Transport Paramedic
   Treasure Valley Community College   Mobile Health Care Forum
   Umpqua Community College   Center for Emergency Medicine
    Other Oregon Community Colleges    EMS Guide
   Other Oregon EMT Schools    Paramedicine.com
   Paramedic Academy of the Justice Institute of British Columbia, canada    King LT Airway Demo Site

   NY Emergency Room RN

   National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke
National Highway Transportation & Safety     National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute

  NHTSA -National Standard Curriculums: FR, EMT, EMD, etc.

   EMS-C, Education & Training
  NHTSA - National EMS Agendas    POLST Form Program Information
  NHTSA -  EMS Products    Copyright Information
  NHTSA -  EMS Resources    Discount books at Allbookstores.com
  NHTSA - EMS Educational Items    E-Medicine Online
   Anatomical Charts
Medical Dictionary & Encyclopedias    FICK Principle - Cardiac Output

   Online Medical Dictionary

   Brain Trauma Education

    Medical Encyclopedia - Dr. Koop  Martindale's Health 

       Science Guide - 2001

   Driver's with Epilepsy - State Laws

   Hardin MD

   Numerous Paramedic Quizes from Brady
   The Merck Manual Online    Epocrates - Drugs, Disease and Diagnostics
   Funny Signs

EMT Practice Exams: 

   Web MD's Top 200 - RxList
   Oregon's 2003 EMT-P Study Guide     On-line Pharmacy Reference Manual
   Paramedic Practice Zone: Oregon EMT-P Quiz    Anatomy and Physiology

   AAOS EMT-B Practice

   Cardiovascular Educational Items
   EMT-Basic Quiz   NEW - Laryngoscope items - Photos and reviews
   New - NREMT Practice Exam (Not official NREMT site) NEW - Pediatric Assessment Triangle Video (YouTube)
   New - NREMT Exam (Not official NREMT site)

   Online Test Preparation  

Pharmacology Related
  Drugs Online
NEW - EMS Protocols from Across the Country   RX Med: Prescribing Information
 Various Oregon EMS agency protocols   E-Medicine: Medical Library
  Multnomah County, Oregon   IV Drip Drug Calculations 
  Seattle/King County, Washington (Plus great training links)    Drip Rate - Dose Table Calculator
  San Francisco, California  Math for Nurses
  San Diego, California   Math Made Fun (For Erin in Chelsie Gordon's class)
  Denver Metro (BLS), Colorado  Journals
  South Florida   Annuals of Emergency Medicine
  Maryland/MIEMSS     Morbidity and Mortality Weekly - CDC
  Commonwealth of Massachusetts    Emergency Medical Abstracts
  Albuquerque, New Mexico     EMS Magazine
  JEMS Magazine
  Central New York    New England Journal of Medicine
Paramedic to RN Legal Related
One site with numerous links Page, Wolfberg & Wirth
New - Rules on changing an Oregon OAR
Pediatric Related Oregon Secretary of State's site - OAR items
Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professionals New - Are EMTs certfied or licensed?
Publishers/Textbooks POISONS
  PNA Bookstore     Poisonous Plants On-line
  Mosby's Teaching Materials
  Brady Textbooks Cardiac Related
  JEMS Communications   Learn BCLS & ACLS at Home  
  EKG Tutorial Course
Online CEU Agencies   EKG Tutorial Course
  Web CME - NEW    ECG Library
  Med CEU    Utah Pharmacology Dept. - EKGs
   Penn State - Div of Natural Sciences
  Trauma Related   Cardiac Related Sites -Various 

  Liverpool Trauma Home Page & Links

  Tutorial:  Some good trauma and

       cardiac sites 

Anatomy & Physiology Related 
  Trauma.org:  British Trauma Society    The Urbana Atlas of Pathology

                                            YouTube Training Videos

12-Lead EKG Training Seizure Training   (www.epilepsy.com)

Physio-Control & Tim Phalen: 


Understanding Epilepsy #1:  


Fast and Accurate EKGs with  Tim Phalen: 


Types of  Seizures #2: 


12-Lead EKG Placement: 


Understanding partial seizures #3: 


Understanding generalized seizures#4:  


Capnography in EMS with Tim Phalen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lrja6C0Quc

What causes Epilepsy #5: 



Diagnosing Epilepsy #6: 


Zoll ETCO2 Training:


10 truths about Epilepsy #7: 


Lucas CPR Thumper:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znIidvdmqso&feature=related    

Aviation Medicine
Medical Studies    Aviation Medicine   Numerous medical links
Clinical Trials (US Government approved medical trails) 
Earth's Population Calculator
GPS Maps for Your Location
Who Named It? Medical terms & their history
Oregon Road Cameras - ODOT

Downloadable PowerPoint Programs

There are many web sites offering downloadable programs.  

Here are a few programs given to us by Oregon EMS Instructors 

   Nasal Drug Delivery in EMS - 497kb    Anaphylaxis - 208kb
   Anaphylaxis - School Nurses - 258kb
    First Responder-Module A1 -    SubQ Admin.: Terry Ney, EMT-P - 100mb 
    First Responder-Module A2 -
    First Responder-Module 5-2A    EMT-I Morphine  - 2671kb ZIP
    First Responder-Module 5-2B
    First Responder-Module 5-3    EMT-B CombiTube - 1.1mb
    First Responder-Module 6-1
    First Responder-Module 6-2  NEW - EMT-Intermediate Topics (Numerous & Good!)
    First Responder-Module 7
EMT-Basic Reciprocity Items:  Below are several Powerpoint Programs found on the Internet on the topics required by Oregon for EMT-Basic Reciprocity.  Please give credit to those creating these programs and allowing their use.  Do not use these programs for profit without author permission.
         EMT-Basic Skills Sheets Skill sheets used by the State EMS offices to test EMTs.
          Glucometer Training #1 Very good program developed in NY state.
          Glucometer Training #2       Very good program from Kansas BEMS
          AED Training #1 Temple College Defib Class for the EMT-Basic
          AED Training #2 Non-credited EMT-Basic Cardiovascular Emergencies program found on the net.   www.118pistoia.it/slidesraccolta,CARDIO_1_1_.PPT
          Subcutaneous Injections#1 Chapter 20, Brady, Prehospital Emergency Care, 7ed, 2004
          Subcutaneous Injections#2 New Hampshire Depart of Safety and EMS
          Subcutaneous Injection #3      Terry Ney, BA, EMT-P, Sheridan Fire, Oregon
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2 5
3 6

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